Phone Systems in Moscow, ID

If you’re tired of running your business through your smartphone or need a robust system to support multiple offices, the answer is VOIP. TPG Multimedia Solutions LLC will configure phone systems in Moscow, ID in whatever capacity you need, to make sure you’re getting the benefits of a digital phone solution. Whether you’ve got 10 phones or 100, we promise a setup that works perfectly, so you can take and make calls with clarity.

VOIP Phone System Setup

Making the switch to VOIP phone systems in Moscow, ID involves reconfiguring your complete network to properly route inbound and outbound calls. We’ll go through and set up every phone at every station, stringing ethernet and making sure each is properly connected to the network.

Take a look at what you’ll get by upgrading your analog phone lines to a digital solution:

  • Crystal-clear call clarity
  • Multifunctional phone services
  • Cost savings over traditional phone plans
  • Easy troubleshooting and repair
  • Broad range of digital features and capabilities
  • Great customization possibilities


Once the hardware is in place, we’ll assist with the software side of things

This includes configuring proper ring-through and any automated menu systems. We’ll also teach you how to set up digital voicemail and more, such as call waiting, forwarding and hold. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your phone systems in Moscow, ID, VOIP gives you numerous reasons to act!

Choose a Smarter Phone System Ready to harness the benefits of VOIP for your business?

Ditch the analog phones and save your smartphone’s data! TPG Multimedia Solutions LLC will help you build out a phone system that meets the needs of your business. Contact us today and we promise the next call you make will be from a brand-new VOIP system.

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